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वेन्कटाचल निलयं | Venkatachala Nilayam Sanskrit Lyrics (Transliteration)

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वेन्कटाचल निलयं (venkaTaacala nilayam)
रागं : सिन्दु भैरवी

10 naaTakapriya janya
Aa: S R2 G2 M1 G2 P D1 N2 S
Av: N2 D1 P M1 G2 R1 S N2 S

तालं : आदि
Composer: पुरन्दर दासर
Language: संस्कृत


वेन्कटाचल निलयं वैकुण्ठ पुरवासं

पंकज नेत्रं परम पवित्रं
शङ्क चक्रधर चिन्मय रूपं

वेन्कटाचल निलयं वैकुण्ठ पुरवासं


अम्बुजोद्भव विनुतं अगनित गुण नामं 
तुम्बुरु नारद गानविलोलं 

वेन्कटाचल निलयं वैकुण्ठ पुरवासं 


मकर कुण्डलधर मदनगोपलं 

भक्त पोषक श्री पुरन्धर विठलं 

वेन्कटाचल निलयं वैकुण्ठ पुरवासं 

Sang here by P. Unnikrishnan to help you learn:

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

भज गोविन्दं | Bhaja Govindam | Abridged Version matching MS Subbalakshmi's recital

[Original Version at - the original version is 33 stanzas, but most common recitals found on Youtube, including MS Subbalakshmi's famous recital are all shorter - about 11 stanzas. So, I have put together this version for those who are trying to learn Bhaja Govindam from the Youtube versions.]

भज गोविन्दं

भजगोविन्दं भजगोविन्दं
गोविन्दं भजमूढमते ।
सम्प्राप्ते सन्निहिते काले
नहि नहि रक्षति डुकृञ्करणे ॥ १॥ 

Worship Govinda, worship Govinda, worship Govinda, Oh fool !
Rules of grammar will not save you at the time of your death.

मूढ जहीहि धनागमतृष्णां
कुरु सद्बुद्धिं मनसि वितृष्णाम् ।
यल्लभसे निजकर्मोपात्तं
वित्तं तेन विनोदय चित्तम् ॥ २॥ 

Oh fool ! Give up your thirst to amass wealth, devote your
mind to thoughts to the Real. Be content with what comes
through actions already performed in the past.

यावद्वित्तोपार्जन सक्त-
स्तावन्निज परिवारो रक्तः ।
पश्चाज्जीवति जर्जर देहे
वार्तां कोऽपि न पृच्छति गेहे ॥ ३॥ 

So long as a man is fit and able to support his family, see
what affection all those around him show. But no one at home
cares to even have a word with him when his body totters due to
old age.

मा कुरु धन जन यौवन गर्वं
हरति निमेषात्कालः सर्वम् ।
मायामयमिदमखिलं हित्वा  var  बुध्वा
ब्रह्मपदं त्वं प्रविश विदित्वा ॥ ४॥ 

Do not boast of wealth, friends, and youth. Each one of these
are destroyed within a minute by time. Free yourself from the
illusion of the world of Maya and attain the timeless Truth.

सुर मंदिर तरु मूल निवासः
शय्या भूतल मजिनं वासः ।
सर्व परिग्रह भोग त्यागः
कस्य सुखं न करोति विरागः ॥ ५॥ 

Take your residence in a temple or below a tree, wear the
deerskin for the dress, and sleep with mother earth as your
bed. Give up all attachments and renounce all comforts. Blessed
with such vairgya, could any fail to be content ?

भगवद् गीता किञ्चिदधीता
गङ्गा जललव कणिकापीता ।
सकृदपि येन मुरारि समर्चा
क्रियते तस्य यमेन न चर्चा ॥ ६॥ 

Let a man read but a little from bhagavadgItA, drink just a drop of
water from the Ganges, worship but once murAri. He then will
have no altercation with Yama.  

पुनरपि जननं पुनरपि मरणं
पुनरपि जननी जठरे शयनम् ।
इह संसारे बहुदुस्तारे
कृपयाऽपारे पाहि मुरारे ॥ ७॥ 

Born again, death again, again to stay in the mother's womb !
It is indeed hard to cross this boundless ocean of samsAra. Oh
Murari ! Redeem me through Thy mercy.

गेयं गीता नाम सहस्रं
ध्येयं श्रीपति रूपमजस्रम् ।
नेयं सज्जन सङ्गे चित्तं
देयं दीनजनाय च वित्तम् ॥ ८॥ 

Regularly recite from the Gita, meditate on Vishnu in your
heart, and chant His thousand glories. Take delight to be with
the noble and the holy. Distribute your wealth in charity to
the poor and the needy.

अर्थमनर्थं भावय नित्यं
नास्तिततः सुखलेशः सत्यम् ।
पुत्रादपि धन भाजां भीतिः
सर्वत्रैषा विहिता रीतिः ॥ ९॥ 

Wealth is not welfare, truly there is no joy in it. Reflect
thus at all times. A rich man fears even his own son. This is
the way of wealth everywhere.

गुरुचरणाम्बुज निर्भर भक्तः
संसारादचिराद्भव मुक्तः ।
सेन्द्रियमानस नियमादेवं
द्रक्ष्यसि निज हृदयस्थं देवम् ॥ १०॥ 

Oh devotee of the lotus feet of the Guru ! May thou be soon
free from Samsara. Through disciplined senses and controlled
mind, thou shalt come to experience the indwelling Lord of your
heart !

भजगोविन्दं भजगोविन्दं
गोविन्दं भजमूढमते ।
नहि पश्यामो भवतरणे ॥ ११॥ 

Worship Govinda, worship Govinda, worship Govinda, Oh fool !
Other than chanting the Lord's names, there is no other way
to cross the life's ocean.

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वर लील गान लोला (Vara Leela Gana Lola Lyrics in Sanskrit/Devanagari)

[Transliterated from]

Since the song is in Telugu, which like Tamil, has hard consonants, the transliteration into Sanskrit or Devanagari, which doesn't have hard consonants, is not perfect. So  लील has to be read as "Leela" instead of "Leel" to make sense of this transliteration. Please watch the video below to get yourself accustomed to the intonation.

वर लील गान लोला सुर पाल
सुगुण जाल भरित नील गल ह्र्दालय
श्रुति मूल सुकरुणा लवाल पाल यासु माम्

Lord of great sports! Enjoyer of music! O Protector of celestials!
One brimming with various virtues! One abiding in the blue throated (Siva's) heart!
O root of the Vedas! Most Merciful! Protect me quickly.

सुर वन्दिताप्त बृन्दा
वर मन्दर धर सुन्दर कर कुन्द
रद इन्दुमुख सनन्दन
नूत नन्द नन्देनेन्दिरा वरा

One worshipped by celestials! One having numerous friends!
One who bore Mt. Mandara1! One with beautiful hands
And jasmine-teeth! O Moon-faced! One praised by Sanandana2!
O Son of Nanda! O Consort of Lakshmi!

मुनि चिन्तनीय स्वान्ता
नरकान्तक निगमान्त  चरण कान्त
कुसल वान्त रहित दान्त
कुज वसन्त संततान्तक स्तुता

One meditated in the sages' hearts!
Slayer of Narakasura! One found in Vedanta!
Most handsome! Munificent to Kusa-Lava's hearts!
One who, to the ascetics, is like spring to the trees!
One ever-worshipped by Yama!

वर भूष वम्स भूष
नत पोष मृदु भाष रिपु भीषण
नर वेषण  नग पोषण
वर शेष भूष तोषिता नघा

One wearing splendid ornaments! O adornment of the dynasty! O Nourisher of supplicators! 
One soft of speech! Terror of enemies! 
Lord who assumed a mortal form! Nourisher of snakes3!
Lord adored by Siva! O Sinless One!

सुखवीस ह्र्ननि वेषा 
जगदीश कुभव पास रहित श्रीश 
सुर गणेश हित जलेष सयन 
केसवा समीस दुर्लभा 

One who resides in the great poet's (Valmiki's) heart! O Lord of the Universe! 
One bereft of evil worldly bindings! O Consort of Lakshmi! 
O benefactor of Indra! O Lord reclining in the Ocean! 
Kesava, difficult to attain by the uncalm!

रणधीर सर्व सारा 
सुकुमार बुध विहारा 
धनुज नीर धर समीरण 
करुणा रस परिपूर्ण 
जार जोर पाहि माम्  

Dauntless in battle! O essence of everything!
Tender one! Lord who abides in the hearts of the wise!
O wind which drives away the asura-clouds!
One brimming with the juice of Mercy!
O paramour (of Gopis)! O thief (of butter)! Protect me.

नर रक्ष नीर जाक्षा 
वर रक्षक मद शिक्षक 
सुर यक्ष सनक रुक्ष
पति नुताक्ष हरण पक्ष 
दक्ष शिक्षक प्रिया 

O Protector of humans! O Lotus Eyed! 
One who punished demons for their arrogance! 
Lord praised by celestials, yakshas, Sage Sanaka and Jambavan!
One favourable to Anjaneya (slayer of Aksha)! 
One dear to Siva (who punished Daksha)! 

रघु राज त्यागराज 
नुत राज दिवस राज 
नयन भो जगद वनाज 
जनक राज सुत विराज 
राजराज पूजिता 

O King of Raghu dynasty! One praised by this Thyagaraja! 
Moon-Sun eyed! 
O Protector of the Universe! Unborn! O Lord worshipped by 
Sita, Garuda and Emperors!

वर लील गान लोला सुर पाल 
सुगुण जाल भरित नील गल ह्र्दालय 
श्रुति मूल सुकरुणा लवाल पाल यासु माम् 

I have made some minor alterations in the transliteration to match the rendition in this video, so the two are mostly consistent. Any omissions or commissions in the transliteration or the adjustments are purely to be assigned to me. And here is a perfect rendition of the song:

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mavericks trounce Unilever Asia to inch up the points table

(In the absence of regular reporter Chris Myers at the ground today, I will be stepping in to write the match report.)

Today, Mediacom Mavericks took up their home game against Unilever Asia. Not much of a compliment, but the two teams are at the bottom of the tables in Incorp2 League and it would have been nice of us to win this one, just to inch ahead of the bottom slot.

In the absence of our regular skippers, Kishan Khatri went in for the toss, summarily lost it and we were set to chase, which was the option we were anyway hoping to opt for.

Before the game started, both teams lined up on the pitch, we put out a bat, and observed 2 minutes of silent prayer, as a mark of respect for Phil Hughes.

Our bowling had a solid, if not an exciting start, giving away only 12 runs in five overs shared by Kapil Tuli and Kishan Khatri. Then Kishan had a bad over followed by a couple more from others. Just as it looked like our good start was going to be squandered away, Tirthman, a.k.a T-Man and Kamal stuck in quick succession to quickly pick 4 wickets, one of which was concluded through a good catch at mid-on by Venkat.

CSC ground in it's green glory

Just as we were going into the drinks break, Annemarie was introduced, and she managed to get the batsmen to miscue one to fine leg, where yours truly, very nervously, latched on to his first catch of Incorp League. As per eye witnesses, I was trembling as the ball approached and my legs gave away in joy after holding on to the ball, ensuing in all round hilarity and relief in the Mavericks camp.

Going into the drinks break, by which time, we were fashionably late on the over-rate, we had reduced Unilever Asia to 65 for 5. It seemed that there was a distinct possibility of chasing something just over 100.

Those hopes were dashed two overs into second hour, when Dushyant Singh, a.k.a Dash, our energetic fast bowler, had a disaster of an over, so bad, that we accepted the choice of replacing him after the penalty of 3 illegitimate balls. The infamous over perhaps had around 10 wides and no-balls.

Kishan and Surendra stitched together a 50+ opening partnership

Despite that setback, we continued to take wickets, one of which was the result of a smart throw by Dash himself, who was looking to redeem his day. Kapil uprooted the off-stump of the number 10 batsman and soon after we had them all back in the pavilion for 122, with the fall of wickets allowing us to complete the innings in time. (I leave it as a homework for the avid reader to find the penalty in the League for ending the innings late.)

We started our innings through Surendra and Kishan, both of whom looked solid. They rode out the first ten overs, got us to the 50 run mark for no loss by the 12th over. It seemed we had a good chance by then.

Wickets fell in quick succession around the drinks break

But as is Mavericks habit in 2014, we committed semi-suicide, losing 4 wickets in quick succession, either side of the drinks break, while also freezing up on the run scoring. It looked like a win might be slipping out of our hand. Just then, Kapil and T-man got together to score a nice partnership. By the 21st over, while they were still batting, the required run rate inched up over 5, but T-man quickly clobbered 2 sixes, and followed it up with another six a couple of overs later, to relieve any pressure building up on the chase. Together they took us to scores level.

Mavericks taking it easy as we were coasting along

While we should have closed it just then, there was yet another twist in the tale, with T-Man holing out to mid-wicket, then Kapil and Venkat following in quick succession, all while we were just a run away from victory.

T-Man getting out

Eventually, yours truly, who wasn't expecting to go into bat, had to quickly pad up and run in. In the first ball I scored, an inside edge travelled behind stumps beyond the keeper and Annemarie and I quickly crossed over to complete the formalities.

It isn't often that Mediacom Mavericks has had a favorable day at the on-field in 2014, but today was an all-round good show from the team. The bowling was mostly disciplined, the fielding acceptable, and the batting mature.

The heroes of the day were T-Man, Annemarie, Kapil and Kamal with the ball, and Kishan, Surendra, T-Man and Kapil with the bat, with T-Man perhaps worthy of Player Of The Day, with 4 wickets and 35 runs.

The team now looks forward to completing the season on a high note and the final outing on Dec 6. Please join us at the CSC for some more exciting Cricket action.

Monday, September 01, 2014

MediaCom Mavericks vs IBM

(The following is a writeup by Chris Myers on the match past weekend. Copying verbatim. For a context, we planned to raise money through the match and the later part of the article mentions that.)

A damp pitch greeted the Mavericks for an 8am start at the India Association Cricket Ground. Boosted by the return of Anshuman Priorat, there was a renewed edge to the Mavericks pre-game demeanour. This was a team that refused to be intimidated by an opposition whose pre-game warm-up didn’t consist of phoning members of their team who still hadn’t turned up 5 minutes before the game was due to start.

The toss was lost by skipper Aditya Madhavan but it was a good toss to lose. A damp outfield was surely going to slow the ball and prevent the flow of runs; so it proved. A very tight opening spell of bowling by lead strike bowler Kapil Tuli and Ansuman meant the game was still in the balance at 82-0 after 17 overs despite the opposition not having lost a wicket. This is the Mavericks though – the less said about dropped catches during those first 17 overs the better. Zero dollars raised for charity.

Post drinks however, the Mavericks stormed into life with their best spell of the match. Persistence paid off for Anshuman as he took out the opener’s leg stump…first dollars in the bank. 2 overs later Kapil Tuli removed the other opener (caught and bowled) and when Anshuman trapped the #4 cheaply in the next, the Mavericks smelt blood. What followed will surely go down as one of the greatest moments in cricketing, and MediaCom, history. The clear remaining danger was IBM #3 Murund Asuri who’d effortlessly cruised to 21 off 18 balls and was threating to open up. His bravado however stretched to testing Chris Myers agility and arm at long-on. A floating ball dropped just short of Myers, Asuri opted to try for the second run, Myers flew in from the boundary picking up the ball in one fluid motion with the grace, yet deceptive power, of a prima ballerina then, calculating at the speed of IBM’s own Watson super computer, threw the ball a prodigious distance over the non-strikers end straight into wicket keeper Surendra Chebrolu ’s gloves who promptly took off the bails. Out! Out! Out! One can only imagine the immeasurable drain this unfathomable moment of brilliance must have taken out of Myers’ body which surely explains why he went down crying like a baby 2 overs later with a pulled Hamstring and was forced to bat #11.

Kamal Oberoi took one more wicket leaving the visitors finishing on 171-5 off 30 overs. A good score but not an insurmountable one. Most importantly - $293 dollars raised .

Samosas and chai consumed, openers Aditya Madhavan and Surendra Chebrolu took to the field to lead MediaCom’s response with the bat. A solid start was made, most notable for the performance of Surendra who moments after being struck on the cheekbone by a vicious delivery, hooked a head height delivery from the quicker bowler at the other end for 6. With each run worth $3.60, this one shot was worth $21.60. When Aditya was unluckily out to an unpredictable rising ball, hope still remained with talent still to come. Matt Wigham looked good before being stumped as did Kishan Khatri who departed after a couple of lusty blows that kept the scorecard moving. Mavericks wickets were continuing to fall however and when Kamal Oberoi, fresh from a rapid 40 the week before, departed in the 16th over, the Mavericks were no longer playing to win the game but to get what they could for charity. The hero of the day with the bat was clearly Surendra who top-scored with a brave 32. Your innings was worth $115. Well done.

The Mavericks tail did wag however with some double figures contributions from Tirth Mann (10) and Shreeniwas Iyer (13*). The game ended with the debacle of Myers limping to the crease to share an unbroken 5 run partnership with Shreeniwas that basically consisted of hopping, falling over, and the opposition looking embarrassed.

The Mavericks closed on 116-9 - $418 dollars raised. We lost the game by 55 runs.

Including side bets, the grand total raised was $730.

On behalf of all the Mavericks, I’d like to express our apologies for not only failing to win the game but also for not being able to squeeze out even one more run or wicket. Of course we could have played better, but we did our best. Through the highs and the lows, it was an honour to stand by my team mates representing our company, playing the game we love, doing our small part for charity. Our search for a victory continues. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed.

I will leave a box at MediaCom reception from 9-5 every day for you to put your donation into. I’ll leave it there for the next two weeks. I have no right to ask, but if anyone wants to put any additional money in the box beyond what you committed to pay, please feel free. Once all donations are collected, I will make the total donation through Singapore Gives website letting you know the final amount.

On behalf of the MediaCom Mavericks, Thank you once more!

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